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STL IT Support

We provide IT Support and Security to help your business be resilient and cyber secure
  • Looking for peace of mind that your business IT is taken care of by a team of experts?
  • Want to remove the risk of your IT systems and equipment letting you down?
  • Need better security measures in place to protect your data, devices and systems?
IT experts work as an extension of your business who not only provide IT support and remediation when needed, but will aim to fix before fail through proactive monitoring and management.

Complete IT Audit

An IT audit will provide clear visibility of the business landscape:

Network audit – are you secure, backed-up and have the appropriate cyber security essentials in place

Equipment audit – review of hardware and software by user and device

IT landscape audit – identification of any red flags, remediation recommendations and established recommended IT baseline

Cyber Security

Complete 360 Security support:

Anti-virus end point security

Firewall: anti-spam, VPN, internal detection systems, web filtering

  Employee monitoring and management for both office and remote workers

  Equipment/systems/software/back-up monitoring and management

  IT security standards – cyber essentials

Expert team on demand

STL IT support will provide your business with a single point of contact for any IT issues with competitive and timely SLAs for remediation.

Any IT issues will be logged, assigned and taken care of quickly, focusing entirely on getting you back up and running.

Our team of experts are certified to ISO 27001 standards and we have IT specialists qualified and authorised to conduct security testing including

penetration testing and ethical hacking

IT Refresh

Once the IT audit has taken place and there is clear visibility of the IT landscape, immediate red flags have been remediated and IT managed support is in place, it can then be a good time to review and consider an IT refresh to improve efficiencies and productivity both for office and remote workers and on premise and the cloud.
By updating and modernizing equipment (hardware such as laptops, PCs, printers) and systems (software such as O365), it will ensure that your business is being bolstered with the right technology required.

Every business is now reliant on technology. It is the ‘engine’ that powers every part of a business and makes sure that everything – from a website, phone lines, ordering system and emails keeps working. It’s a complex and ever – changing landscape made harder by the move to the modern workspace where you can work the same from anywhere, via any device, and the increased need to remain secure and up to date.


Benefits of Cyber Security

Keep your business cyber secure in 5 steps

Benefits of STL IT Support

Removing IT Risk

Every business is now dependent on the ‘engine’ – their IT systems and internet connection – working. In addition to being ‘always on’ it is also vital that data is backed up and that software and security updates take place. A managed IT support service ensures that all of this is taken care of, leaving every business to do what they do best.

Peace of Mind

When technology goes wrong it’s important to know that it will be taken care of quickly and by a team of experts rather than relying on an in-house, DIY approach. A managed IT support service will proactively aim to fix before fail – meaning any red flags are identified and fixed where possible before they impact the business.

Disaster Recovery

Worst case scenario for every business is having a security breach, realising they don’t have data back-up or their internet connection failing. By having fully managed IT security and support in place you are protecting your business from potential disaster.

Cost Saving

There is a misconception that IT support is expensive and that it is an unnecessary budgeting expense that could be covered in house. However, the cost of managed IT support for a business of 50 people is proven to be up to 75% less when compared to the cost of a FTE.

Improved Productivity

Having IT that is fully supported and fit for purpose can deliver a much better end user experience and drive improved productivity by reducing user down time and disruption due to either legacy equipment, failing systems or needing to manage an update.

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